Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021

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Tick Tock and Still in School

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      Students have 8 hours of school everyday, don’t you think that is too much? Well I think it is, and I think we should change it. We have so many hours of school and so many days too. If we have too many hours and to many day we should have more days off or shorten classes.

    It’s so overwhelming that we have so many hours and then more people have to stay for tutoring and some of us have to stay for sports. Also athletes have practice which limits our time for homework and projects.

   “Having 8 hours of school is a waste of my time because I could’ve been sleeping”, said Serenity G. We then asked her if she thought we should shorten the classes so we have less school and she replied “Yes so I could spend more time with family.”

    So how do you feel about 8 hours of school for 5 days every week? Do you agree or disagree with it.


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