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Vera Bradley Designs Rock!!!

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                          Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia Miller started a design company in 1982 named Vera Bradley. Bradley and Miller wanted to give women a gift that will would last them forever and make them smile bright.

              I think Barbara Bradley and Patricia Miller are amazing designers .Their brand of beautiful designs has stunned us every time.They have purses,backpacks,       

wallets,lunch box,make-up bags,suitcases,baby clothes,baby accessories, and much more.  

I own a backpack from Vera Bradley it is very pretty. A lot of people from Heritage have Vera Bradley merchandise. You can go on ebay,and amazon and get a good on Vera Bradley merchandise.

                Lauren J. 7th grader stated, “It is really cool style and makes you look unique.”

Bradley and Miller have been life long friends. The idea came to them while they were on a vacation in 1982. While Barbara and Patricia were awaiting a flight in Atlanta they noticed a definite lack of feminine-looking luggage.They wasted no time in correcting this situation.I have never heard of a business that started out like that. Within weeks they had started a company and begun manufacturing items.They got their name from the mother of Bradley, Veronica Bradley. Even Veronica has worked in Vera Bradley. I think it is cool that they named it after her.

          “I think they have nice designs for the backpacks,but I think they would tear easily”said Angelina F. 7th grader.

            Vera Bradley has beautiful designs,but expensive,and might rip easily.I agree with this all.I hope your opinion on Vera Bradley has changed or stayed the same.I have learned more information about Vera Bradley and I hope you did too.



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