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Coach Moy Switches Subjects

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 Coach Moy starting as a Texas History teacher and coaching the 7th grade football team, now a full-time athletics coach.

 Coach Moy is a good teacher and motivator in athletics,the one who doesn’t give up on you even when you want to give up on yourself.

“I like the change because P.E. is my passion, it makes me happy.” said Moy.  

When Moy came to Heritage Middle school there were no open positions for him to be a P.E. coach so he took what was available at the time which was a Texas History teaching position.

 He doesn’t think one is harder than the other because the only thing that matters to him is teaching kids, but he prefers teaching physical education.

 Coach Moy is known for being a good coach/teacher, his students last year enjoyed his class because I remember people saying he was fun.

 Andrea S. 8th grader says, “He was a good teacher, because he was fun and we used the iPads a lot. I always looked forward to the period I had him.” She doesn’t really like the switch because she thinks he’s better at teaching a classroom.  

 He likes the change just as much as we do. We hope he stays in this position.


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