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More Elective Classes Needed at Heritage

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 We are seeing what the students think about what electives they have now.I believe we should make are choices seeing what class we should pick or have more electives in school.

  Students probably don’t like the classes we have now,so we should have the right to pick the classes we want and do more active stuff in school.We should also have more electives so we can get out there more. We should have more fun.

  Do you feel like we should have more electives for 6th graders? “Yes because it would be more fun and it would make us more responsible”said  6th grader Sean A.

   We should be able to be more free in this school.We only come to school to learn and they telling us to do a whole bunch of other stuff.Then we should be able to pick the classes we want to take and what the class is. We have to choose the classes we have to do,but we are  learning stuff we really don’t need to learn.

   Do you feel like you learn stuff we don’t really need to be learning? “Yes because I don’t think we are gonna need history later in life”said by again Sean A.

  That’s something we should change in school or give us more freedom a little bit. So we should consider this and try to fix the problems we have in this school.

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