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8th Grade Boys Upcoming Basketball Season

Jayson C. Felicia C., Staff Reporter

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  At Heritage Middle School, the 8th grade boys are just about ready to start their season. Tryouts have ended and the boys are just beginning their practice.

  We asked Coach Flores about the A-Team and B-Team and he said “They decided on who made the cut but we’ll know after the Christmas break. We are wondering about who did make the cut just as much as you do.

  We also asked him about what he hopes happens this season and he replied “ I hope they learn how to play right and not with the play with playground rules.” Although some people don’t understand what that means, it basically means that he hopes the 8th graders play by the real rules and not the ones they come up with.

  Heritage 8th grade basketball team’s first pre-season tournament will be January 14th at The Heritage Burgundy Gym. We hope they can get a few wins in the tournament!


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8th Grade Boys Upcoming Basketball Season