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Xbox One vs. PS4

Students compare their choice of the two gaming systems.

Delayna D. Jeremy M., Staff Reporter

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  Almost no other console has been seen with some of the same hardware, graphics, software, and services,these things make it hard to choose between the PS4 or Xbox one.

  You might be in favor of the PS4 for many reasons including that Sony (PS4) focused on the actual gameplay, as Microsoft focused on TV, movies, voice control,and too little on gameplay. It’s hardware is a little more powerful than Xbox one, Sony made their console more affordable, and the PS4 sales dropped down to $299 in October of 2015.

 “I like the Xbox one better, The one thing I like about PS4 is Uncharted” Says 7th grader Caleb Crawford.

 For many reasons others would prefer the Xbox one because, the kinect is rather a option than a default.The Xbox one is now more affordable than it was during its launch, it is now $299 on Amazon without its kinect. Microsoft finally got the message that people like to buy their game systems for playing games rather than the extras.

“ My favorite game is Black Ops 3” Says Austin Alvarado.

 You might like the design of the Xbox one because it is more like a box figure, as the PS4 is like a slim ramp like shape. You might have an opinion on either to defend your favorite console, the question is which one do you like the most.


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Xbox One vs. PS4