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The strive for Takis vs Hot Cheetos

Lauren J., Staff Reporter

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 Takis are better than hot cheetos. Let’s just face the facts.  What do you think? Today people are making both of these in factories as we speak. The reason why they make these is to give people something to spice their  day up. They try to make something delicious.

 Takis make your mouth water.If you eat one then you’re gonna probably want more. Hot cheetos are a little different. When you put one of them in your mouth then you just want one. And whenever I put a Takis in my mouth it doesn’t disolve in your mouth that quick. So that will leave you more to enjoy the flavor.

  Katie B. answered,”I like Takis. I like Takis because I like spicy foods.” I wanted to ask her what kind of Takis she likes. She replied,” I like the regular ones.”

  Some of the other students had the same opinions about this idea. They would be completely agree.

  Jacob D. replied,”Takis,because Hot cheetos are good but Takis are better.They have a better variety.” Jacob was asked the same question,”The regular kind.” He had the same response.

  It has already been proven that Takis are a lot better than Hot Cheetos. When you take a bite of a Takis your whole  world is on fire of  delicious,spicy and awesome texture of the corn flake.

 Well now you faced the facts about which one is better. Takis are a lot better than Hot Cheetos. You’ve already heard two people’s opinion.Even though people have different opinions it still good to hear other people’s opinions.


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The strive for Takis vs Hot Cheetos