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These New kids on the Block

Jacob B., reporter

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  Being a new kid at Heritage Middle School is tough on some kids. You have to start all over and leave everything behind and come by yourself. It’s not like you can just start all over and it be okay, but maybe it is good to start all over for some kids. because some kids need to have a fresh start.

“It is not tough being a new kid, because I fit in easily.” says 8th grader Jeffery King “The best thing about being a new kid is you can make new friends.”

Sometimes it is not the kids fault they have to come to a new school. For instance some parents have to move jobs, but it’s tough on the kid, because the kid has to go to the new school. Some kids come from all over the United States to come to Heritage Middle School, because of our learning it is just simply amazing.

“I mean I am new and I had terrible grades at my old school but since I have been coming here my grade have been through the roof” said 8th grade Shirley Barnhart.  

Being a new kid has its pros and cons but overall it is a cool experience.



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These New kids on the Block