For the 3rd 9 weeks, 8th grade students accept their award for all A’s. There are very few students who have made this honor roll, but their hard work pays off when they bring home their lovely prizes. These kids brought home a gold medal, and a couple of wrist bands.

When they were called up to the stage, they took their awards and took an amazing picture.

Dominik D. says, “I tried so hard to get my grades the way they are. I am so proud of myself for getting this amazing accomplishment.”

Dominik took time out of his day to work on fixing his grades so he would be able to make the honor roll.

“I wasn’t really thrilled about the medals, considering the sixth graders got better ones than we did.” says Dominik.

There are a total of 9 kids who made the honor roll this 9 weeks. Maybe this 9 weeks more kids will make the honor roll, maybe less? But, let’s try to get more. GO 8TH GRADE HONOR ROLL KIDS.

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