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"NO BULLY ZONE" sign displayed in front of the cafeteria of Heritage Middle School.

School bullying mailbox located outside the cafeteria of Heritage. Students have the ability to submit a bully form in the mailbox if they know of any bullying behavior on campus.

Bullying happens everywhere, whether it’s at home , online ,or in person. But where it seems to happen a lot of the time is at school. Heritage Middle School tries to stop bullying by putting up posters, presentations , awareness days and even bully boxes .The reason behind these things are to stop people from hurting themselves , not coming to school , or feeling lonely .

“I have been bullied , I have also seen it in the hallways. I felt sad and a little offended that people could say such things.” Annie M .(8th).

Many students have friends that play around and call each other “ugly” or “stupid” but others really mean it .

“I usually try and be friends with people that are nice to me.” Annie M. (8th).  Bullying can be a problem for many schools but Heritage can do our part to make sure we prevent such behavior.  Our core values of being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible ensure that we all are bully-free here at HMS. If you are a student that has been bullied , speak up , so Heritage Middle School can help you !

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