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Are you Dunkin or Kreamy?

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Do you just love when you go to Krispy Kremes and the red light is on? When the red light is on it means that there are hot fresh donuts, but then on the other many people like when going to Dunkin Donuts and just eat about three dozen donuts as if it were nothing to them.

Krispy Kreme has a different event that you are able to participate in. For example, last month if you dressed up as a pirate, and talked like one you could get a dozen free donuts. Some people believe that you can trust them more because, you can see them make the donuts sometimes. You can see them make them because they have a big window to show you the work area, and when the red light is on you can see them making them.

Dunkin Donuts serves donut holes, Krispy Kremes has donut holes but many people prefer Dunkin Donuts donut holes compared to Krispy Kreme’s. Dunkin Donuts does not only have donuts but also have all different types of breakfast stuff. They have pastries, sodas, coffee, and much more.

Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts both have delicious donuts. Both companies have very nice employees, that are nice to you and not rude. Dunkin Donuts might have been here before Krispy Kreme, but they have some competition.  

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