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The Inside Edition On Cafeteria Food

Chelsea G., Staff Reporter

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Have you ever thought about the food served to us here at school?

Some students think that school food is disgusting. Personally I think it is tolerable, however, why serve something that many people don’t even want to eat?

What changes do we need to the school menu you may ask? Perhaps we should have a suggestion box right outside the cafeteria just like the bully box. This way the cafeteria staff can have an idea of what we would like to have for lunch and breakfast.

When administrators says, “Eat your breakfast and lunch, so you can learn and have the energy you need for the day !” I always think to myself, “How are we supposed to get the energy we need to learn If we don’t want or wouldn’t like to eat the food provided for us?.”

I asked Patricia Crawford, who is one of the loyal cafeteria ladies, a couple of questions about the breakfast and lunch food we are served. “Yes, I think the school food is very healthy and the cafeteria ladies sometimes eat the food too. Tyson Chicken, Gift Of Nature Fruit, Big Daddy’s Pizza, and Tender Broil are a few of the brands we serve in the cafeteria. The rolls, chili, taco meat, chicken noodle soup, mac n’ cheese, and the blueberry bread is all made from scratch. The pizza and chicken is store bought.” stated Patricia.

Patricia has been working at Heritage for 24 years and has much respect for the administrators on campus.  

So next time you step into the cafeteria to get a tasty treat be sure to thank our wonderful staff behind the scenes as they work hard for the HMS family.


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The Inside Edition On Cafeteria Food