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Life on the Field

A player’s thoughts and actions about football.

Ashley P., Staff Reporter

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Kyle H. is a Heritage Middle School B team football player who has a passion for football, but what exactly are his thoughts about football.

Kyle is a B team receiver and safety player. His practice jersey number is 59 and his game jersey is 15. Kyle decided to tryout for the football team because he gets to be with his friends. He has been playing football for one year so far and hopes to play college ball when he grows up.

“ I think the most challenging thing in football is learning my routes as a receiver so I can get the ball from the quarterback.” Kyle says.

Kyle likes playing football because he gets to tackle and hit people. His goal that he wants to accomplish by the end of the season is to make a touchdown for his team. Kyle explained to me that the season has been really fun and he can’t wait for next year. He has never gotten hurt playing football and hopes he never will get hurt. Some of the punishments they have to do is running drills and bear crawls.

“ I have never scored a touchdown in a game but when I do something good for the team it’s really exciting and my teammates are very proud of me. If I do score a touchdown it will be a very awesome feeling.” Kyle says.

Kyle Homier has big hopes and dreams for the future. He goes to practice everyday and fights hard at games. He wants to move up to A team so hopefully he can push himself and improve and hopefully he can make it.


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Life on the Field