Middle School Band Night

Heritage Middle School’s honor and symphonic band plays with East Central High School marching band

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Middle School Band Night

Charity G., Staff Reporter

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On September 23, 2016, Heritage Middle school’s top bands traveled to East Central High School to perform the hit song “ Shut Up and Dance.”

For four weeks the band students practiced this song at home and on campus.

When it came time to perform at the football game, some students felt pressure come over them having to perform in front of so many people.  Half time arrived and it was time to play. For their first time playing at the high school, the Heritage Band performed well.  Some band students felt that the performance was good but that they could improve upon their skills to provide an even better show next time.

   “I think we performed well but I wish we would have had the opportunity for a little more practice during school hours” said Shelby P.

   We asked 7th grader, Mason B, what he thought about the performance and he stated, “I think not rehearsing with the entire band or just a small part of the band made it harder for me to play since I didn’t know when to come in and play my part.  Besides that, for our first time playing at a game I think we did good.” said Mason.

   That night, the band students marked off their first performance of the year with many more to come. Hopefully we can see some of these students playing on the field when they hit high school.  Let’s give it up for the award winning HMS band. 


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