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Theatre 2

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      Ms.Sutherland is the head instructor in the drama department.What does Ms.Sutherland do? To answer your question, Ms.Sutherland makes and buys plays for her theatre two kids to perform for all of the Heritage kids and parents. In room number 604 and 605 all of the advanced theatre arts kids get to prepare for plays and are learning to communicate using their own creativity.

Tatum K. one of Ms.Sutherland’s theatre two kids and one of my classmates stated, “I like theatre two because we get to experience more and there is a lot more excitement than theatre one. I love Ms.Sutherland she is my favorite teacher.”

Montana B. stated, “I really like theatre and it helps me for my future incase I have to speak in front of a big crowd.”

       In Ms.Sutherland’s theatre two class we get to have the experience of having eyes on us, learning more from walks and talks to working with curtains lights stage crew and most of all sound effects. In Ms.Sutherland’s you are encouraged to use your imagination, challenge yourself to do what we think of and most of all be creative and know you can do anything in front of anyone because you are in Heritage’s theatre two department.

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