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Winds and Rhythms

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Out of school trips, competitions, fun out of school activities, all of these experiences are a small part of one class. Heritage Middle School offers students many opportunities to have fun and learn at the same time. Classes are available for every period led by band directors, Mr. McKelvey, Mr. Lacy, and Mr. Garza. Depending on the instrument, Honor, Symphonic, and Beginner bands practice in the North and Main Band Hall. If you, or someone you know is interested in joining band, you can contact at least one of the directors in the Band Hall.

There are over 200 students enrolled in Heritage Band. There are many options for students including woodwind, brasswind, and percussion instruments. Those with little or no experience enter the Beginner Band where you can learn to read and later play music. In Honor and Symphonic Band, you get to improve and perfect your skills. Soon students get to participate in Band U.I.L. and compete against other schools including our “sister school”, Legacy.

During a brief interview with Breanna O., a Symphonic clarinet player, stated “Band class is really fun and I get to learn how to play.”

 Many students participate and try out for other bands like Region Band and San Antonio Youth Wind Ensemble. Those who make it in the band receive another good mark on their resume or for those who want to to sign up for NJHS, AVID, etc. Students who are already in band have the option of attending the Solo and Ensemble event. There instrumentalists can show off their skills either with their parents or alone with the judge. Some receive medals for getting a one, the highest rating one can get. For Band U.I.L, the bands can earn many titles and awards. During previous years, Heritage has been receiving rewards, including multiple trophies from its Honor and Symphonic Band. One year the Beginner Band had the privilege of bringing the Heritage title to competition, later to receive two trophies.

When asked about why she joined band, Angelina J., a Symphonic Band bass clarinet player, replied “I wanted to play the clarinet because it sounded cool and I’ve always wanted to be in band and play an instrument.”

 In conclusion, there are many reasons students join band. Whether it be the contests, trips, or just getting an opportunity to learn how to play music. Many of the musicians who joined band stayed in band, some throughout their entire time at Heritage. They receive multiple opportunities to improve, with many more opportunities yet to come. A chance to show what they have learned, yet still be able to hold a smile.

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