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Do you trust your Locker?

Brianna H., Staff Reporter

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In Middle Schools and High Schools, lockers are frequently used. Do you feel comfortable leaving your clothes or your personal possessions in your locker and then discover things are missing?

At Heritage Middle School, the coaches assign lockers to their athletes. The athletes keep their gym and athletic clothes in their lockers locked up. Even though the coaches lock the locker rooms, and you keep your clothes locked up in your locker, do you feel that your clothes are secured?

Students lock and unlock their lockers everyday, thinking that their clothes are safe. But actually, while the coaches are not looking, teenagers have the ability to break through your lock or your locker.

But on the other hand, some students at HMS, are comfortable being able to keep their possessions in lockers. “I do feel safe leaving my stuff in my locker, because my stuff is in a big metal cage and there is a lock on my locker. I don’t really think about anybody who could steal my stuff.” stated Kayleigh D. (7th)

How do you feel leaving your private possessions in a locker at school? Do you feel your stuff is completely safe, where no one could steal anything? These are questions teenagers never really think about. They just lock their lockers with no thought about their athletic, dance, or gym clothes.

So, do you trust your locker?

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Do you trust your Locker?