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The Bullied and the Bullies

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I’m sure everyone has been bullied before and sadly many have been the bully.  What does the person getting bullied do about getting bullied?  Why do people bully?  What does the bully want?  

People that are bullied can try doing positive things about the bullying.  Other people resort to negative things to deal with the bullying.  Positive things that bullied people do about bullying is ignoring the bully, tell an adult, don’t be around the bully, or anything that isn’t harmful.  Negative things that people do when they are bullied are things like fight the bully, hurt the bully in some type of way, not going to school, hurting themselves, and the worst is when they kill themselves.

“ I have been bullied, and I’m still sometimes bullied by him, but I normally don’t listen to him and just walk away.” Zane a seventh grade student said.  This is a positive way that bullied people do.

There are many reasons why bullies bully people.  Reasons why people bully are is if the person looks weird/funny, what they wear, what they like to do, or the person that is now the bully use to be a person that got bullied and are now bullying people to see a person in his place instead of them.

“I have been bullied by someone that has been bullied before.” said Elijah a seventh grader.

People that are bullied sometimes do horrible things that hurt their life and other people’s life.  If you see someone getting bullied don’t help the bullies, but stand up and get an adult because we don’t know how the person getting bullied will react to it.

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