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Twenty-One What?

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    The popular uprising band Twenty-One Pilots has taken over the music industry by storm. Their newest album “Blurryface” was released in 2015. Two of their songs on the album “Stressed out” and “Ride” were a huge hit and made it on the radio. In August of 2016 the movie Suicide Squad came out and Twenty-One Pilots was asked to write a song and have it featured in the movie. They wrote a song called “Heathens” and it was a huge hit and it made it on the radio.

“I like how they write their own song lyrics and how the metaphors they use are really unique and relatable.” states Charity G.

Nathaniel O. said “I’ve heard of them before, I sort of like their music, mainly for the beat and rhythm they have.”

    Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are the two people in the band. Tyler is the lead singer and pianist while Josh is the drummer. They both started way back with their first self titled album “Twenty-One Pilots”, then “Regional At Best”, “Vessel”, and their hit album “Blurryface.” This year they’re releasing a new album and hoping it’ll be as successful as their last one.

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