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Boo! Grams!

Saira T., Staff Reporter

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Boo! If you are reading this to be scared then you came to the right place. No i’m just kidding. This shouldn’t scare you but if it does then you might want to go to the doctor or something.

In the spirit of Halloween, Heritage held a fundraiser to raise money. Students would buy a boo gram and would be able to send it to one of their friends. A boo gram allowed students to send candy , chips or candy bars. Students could buy them for their friends and on Halloween, gifts would be delivered during tier class.

“ It was a good idea because they made money in a positive way.” Said Emerald O.

The boo grams were creative , unique and  different for sure , have you ever heard of them? A lot of people participated in this because they wanted to do something nice for there friends. When the students received their boo grams they were happy. A cool part about it was that you could say if it was from you or you could stay anonymous. Some students think we should do this again for other holidays.

“ It was a good way to share with your friends and celebrate halloween. “ Said Angela R.

Boo grams were a good way to raise money and be kind. Students liked this idea. The school should do this again and raise more money. Many students will probably participate.    

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Boo! Grams!