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The Quarter Report

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 About last month, report cards were sent out through mail. After several weeks of working, the finalized grades were recorded and are now available for parents, grandparents, and guardians to see, however some question the importance of these reports?

 In many classes, including regular, advanced, electives, and high school credit classes use or are familiar with a new grading system. Instead of the traditional 0-100 grade range, teachers judge students’ assignments based on a 0-5 scale. Not only have the grade ranges changed significantly, the calculations for the overall grade averages have also adjusted. Last year, tests and summative grades were counted as 70% of the final grade, leaving daily grades and other assignments as the remaining 30%. Ever since the 2016-2017 school year has started, maybe even before, required test grades are considered 70% of a student’s average. These turn-of-the-tables have made grades both rise and fall.

 When asked about the recent changes, Brooke B. gives a grievance, “It’s too difficult and hard to understand.”

 Another characteristic of the nine-week report card is that they’re mailed. In contradictory, other schools, mainly elementary, have their report cards handed out directly. At Heritage, progress reports are handed out to students by their tier teachers. Emails were posted by the school, announcing that report cards were being mailed on a certain day. Some students didn’t receive their report cards until days later, others had to wait for a week.

 Julia L. has a preference of direct report cards rather than via post. She questions, “What if they send them to the wrong address?”

 Throughout the year, report cards are sent after a completion of every quarter. At times there may be concerns and/or complaints about the reports themselves, grade averages, or the wait to receive them. Sooner or later, students and their guardians are able to receive and see their grades. In conclusion, there may be certain situations about the system but is overall at a satisfactory level for both the graders and the graded.


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