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Behind The Scenes of Athletics

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The athletic program isn’t just a group of kids gathered in a group to hang out with their friends. These are kids being pushed to their highest potentials in this athletics program. The coaches make sure that these students enjoy the activities but also give them a workout to make them stronger physically and mentally on the court, field, and track. The kids participates in sports here at Heritage Middle School. The kids get a full body workout in the track and in the weight room by the coaches. The coaches play “lit” music in the gym and in the weight room for the students to enjoy while they have a workout. The coaches aren’t just there to watch the students, they grow with the students it’s a journey for both the students and teachers in this athletic program.

“It is the best thing ever to play dodgeball with my friends in athletics if you pass the semester. The coaches always have fun and play around with us. On Thursday coaches teach us things that improve our character and that sometimes you won’t always win in life ” stated Kaden H. 7th grader at H.M.S.  The coaches make a big impact on the students in their middle school years here at Heritage. The coaches are proud of how the students grow over the years with their mind,body, and attitude they have in school, sports, and real life. The coaches help the students on their strength and pushing themselves to the limits. They teach them the things you need to participate in sports.  

“Making young people better and teach them how to wash their clothes. I want the students to be better than me,to teach each student to understand that they can be who they want and for them to find who they are.” stated Coach Dennis a fellow coach at H.M.S. The coaches want the students to find themselves and that the coaches are there to guide them. The coaches impact the students by having a meeting in the period every Thursday to teach them how to be successful in life. The students impacted learn how to be mature young men and for them to find themselves and for them to find their fate not let faith come to them.

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