An Inside look at the School Store

HMS Library staff speaks about the Cane Store

Chelsea G., Staff Reporter


The Cane Cash Store has a variety of many prizes to choose from. Each prize has a certain price of which to buy from. Students can earn Cane Cash by good behavior and hard work. The prices range from a small price to a big price. Even I have purchased a prize from the Cane Cash Store for 15 cane cash.

Ms. Elizondo was glad to be interviewed by us. “There’s key-chains, basketballs, Vera Bradley and much more to choose from.”, she says. “Students can come in during the mornings and during lunch.”, she explains. Ms. Elizondo told us,”The Cane Cash Store isn’t exactly hard to run, just hard to keep stocked. The store sometimes has 5 to 10 students on one day, and almost 20 students the next!”, she exclaimed.

Mrs.Cooper and Ms.Elizondo both have to work hard to keep the store stocked, especially with also maintaining the library. The librarians have a lot on their plates with not just school but also their lives outside of school. Mrs.Cooper is the teacher librarian so she mostly runs the library store. Ms.Elizondo is the librarian assistant that helps Mrs.cooper with the store, mostly when they have days that students come by the double digits.

Next time you stop by the library be sure to stop by the Cane Cash Store and ask Mrs.Cooper and Ms.Elizondo about the store, you might even be surprised.