There’s No “I” In Team

The HMS administration team


Rylee C. and Tatum E.

          The Administrators here at Heritage Middle School are more than just adults in fancy suits like Mr. Breeden.  They are a team maybe even a family. Here at Heritage our administrative team actually works together to develop a bond with the kids that come through the doors of their office even if they are meant to get in trouble they come out with a smile because the administrative team gives confidence to the students at Heritage.

“I appreciate their support and they make my day beautiful they are the sun that shines through my cloud.” stated Casey H. 8th.

Mrs.Moody proudly stated “We as the administrative team depend on each other” she also said “ I like to work with the kids that need my help”.  Mr.Breeden not only wears fancy suits but uses fancy words  as he stated,“It’s fun to come to work everyday because it is very different and I also like to make a positive impact on the kids”.

At Heritage our administrative team not only helps with the student problems that need to be solved but in the middle of everything they develop a relationship with the students. The administrative team isn’t a team of people who feel like they need to yell at kids, but instead they are civilized because at Heritage we are  safe, respectful and responsible.