Library, A Place like no Other

Daniel S. and Carlos C.

The school library is full of books to read, from fiction to non-fiction, heck there is even historical fiction if you like both genres. If you are not good with searching with your eyes search for the books you are looking for on the provided school Ipads. Even if you are not the biggest reader and more of a listener then go ahead and check out an e-book, just make sure you turn it back in to the librarian.

Last week we had a one time offer to turn in all books that were past due and that you owed money on and not get fined for them. Sadly that event has ended, but, lucky for you, even if you aren’t the most wealthy person or something of the sort, the fines are not that bad at all.

If students went past due on a book barely, it would probably cost around the cents area, not even dollars. Even if students did get into that range, the chances are that you owe more than three or four dollars, maybe even lower. Unfortunately, if students have lost the book you will have to pay full price for the book, so try to find them, pay a quick fee and get them turned in as soon as possible. There are readers who are looking for a book that students may have checked out and lost and you just crushed their dream of  reading that book and possibly being inspired and writing their own book. Yeah, pretty cruel isn’t it, so try your hardest to find that book you thought you lost a while ago in your bag, your room, your car, anywhere you possibly could have lost it, because even the little things count, even if it comes to simply reading print on paper in book form.