I’m proud to present that NBA player Demarcus Cousins has been traded to the New Orleans Pelicans from the Sacramento Kings. He said his goodbyes February 20, 2017, to the King’s fans.  In his press conference he stated “My love for this city will never change,’Cousins said.’ Even though I’m gone, it will still be the same. I’m still looking out for these kids. Every family in this city matters to me.                                                            

       Cousins had over a dozen technical fouls because of his anger problems in Sacramento.

“He’s a good player and I like him”, stated Raymundo S.  

Raymundo doesn’t like the Pelicans so he would be happy if Demarcus stayed in Sacramento.

       It also looks like Cousin’s will be changing his number on his jersey.  On  February 23 Cousins took the Houston Rockets with the jersey number zero.

Sadly Demarcus take-off hasn’t been so smooth the Pelicans as they currently are trying to avoid a three-game losing streak.

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