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Class Pet Passes Away

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Erie the fish being laid to rest after passing away late in February.


   Once HMS always an HMS. We accept all species, gender, race, and personalities. When one of ours dies it’s a very depressing and dramatic event.

A class pet fish named Erie  died on February 22, 2017. Erie was housed  in Mrs.Ramirez’s class room 325.  As sixth period started students noticed Erie was at the bottom of the bowl and not moving. They turned all their attention to him to make sure he was alright. They immediately noticed he was dead.

“This was a devastating and tragic event, but we are still looking for another betta fish for a class pet.” says Mrs. Ramirez. You would think after one class fish dying only after only a week, you wouldn’t try again with another fish.  

Was it because he didn’t get fed enough? Was it because his water was dirty? Was it on purpose? No one will ever know because they disposed of it too fast. Whose fault was it?

Erie was buried  under a tree with a makeshift gravestone on the Wednesday the day he died. “I was told on Friday morning that a student dug up Erie. So after school Friday I went to check Erie’s grave and his gravestone was gone and so was he. It was obvious someone dug him up” Said Karla P.

If  you have any information about the student who dug up Erie please let Mrs. Ramirez know. There will be a five dollar Cane Cash reward for any information directly leading to finding of the mystery gravedigger.


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