Camps for the Hurricanes

“Cane Camp” offers the opportunities for after-school learning


Bellamy W., Staff Reporter

Throughout the year, students have been learning different material to prepare for STAAR testing and other exams. Tutoring and other opportunities are offered for those who are in need of necessary knowledge or just want to expand their horizons. Students are now signing up for these “Cane Camps” where students receive one-on-one time with the teachers, extra learning time, a hands-on experience, along with the opportunity to play games and have fun.

Cane Camps start after-school for six sessions , Tuesday and Thursday . Students will first go get a snack from the cafe or the library and then go to the assigned teacher.  

On Thursday after the academic teaching students get to do extra curricular activities such as pickup basketball with Mrs .Rolff , spa days with Mrs. Dixon and many more. Ninety minutes, twice a week is not a lot of time to waste so students are encouraged to drop in if they are focused and eager to take advantage of the time.

“ I think it’s pretty good , it’s more hands on “ Vanessa S. 8th explained. Junella  M. 8th stated“ It’s another opportunity to get help and more hands on experience with the material”.

 Where is it ? HMS classrooms . When is it? Starts February 28 for six sessions. Who can come ? Everyone is welcome. What if I don’t have a ride ? ECISD will provide bus transportation for those needing this service.  Come on out and check out Cane Camp.