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Heritage Takes Home the Medals

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 What makes a champion a champion? Over the last few weeks, U.I.L participants have been training hard, coming in early before school starts and staying after-school long after the final bell has rung. After weeks of dedication, sacrificing their Saturdays to compete, many of the HMS attendees were qualified to battle against other schools in the Tournament of Champions on February 18th, 2016. Representing both their schools and themselves as an individual, they traveled to Kirby Middle School and engaged in their events. From pantomime to calculator; serious acting to spelling; number sense to poetry; students with their training, talent, and luck to possibly defeat the other competitors.

 In order to compete, students had to place from one of the previous tournaments. Events including spelling; calculator; number sense; dictionary skills; ready writing; duet serious, solo serious, duet pantomime, solo pantomime, duet humorous, solo humorous, poetry, oratory, maps, charts, and graphs,

 Mr. Davis was a coach for duet humorous and two of his students, Tyler P. and Rylee C. had placed sixth. “We held rehearsals on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons. This is my second year coaching duet humorous and I enjoy it,” comments the former high school actor.

 After a lunch full of Church’s chicken, the Awards Ceremony was awaiting the students. The crowd silenced as names were called. During the first categories, Heritage students had not yet been called upon. Soon, name after name was announced, including a handful of HMS pupils. One of these students, was Danielle D.

 Danielle participated in Solo Humorous, a Category B event and placed 6th. During an interview, she was questioned about how she felt when her name was announced, “I felt excited and enthusiastic”

 After a long day’s work, full of competition and enjoyment; defeat and achievement, U.I.L students had an experience some had never even dreamed of having. During the previous tournaments, students prepared, studied, and placed throughout the many events. At the end of the day, students were fortunate to participate in the Tournament of Champions, considered to be an “honor” by Mrs. Cowan, director of U.I.L events for Heritage.   

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