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Catch Soulja Boy Outside How Bout Dat?

Soulja Boy and the “Catch Me Outside” girl having on and off twitter fights with each other

Charity G. and Alexa H.

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Soulja Boy is apparently having arguments with Danielle Bregoli, also known as the “Catch me Outside” girl after her appearance on the Dr. Phil show. Danielle posted a tweet saying Soulja Boy’s music was trash. Soulja Boy and Danielle have been going back and forth with this for over a week now.

For the past few days, Danielle Bregoli was tweeting about the rapper saying she thinks his music is not up to the teenage lifestyle and doesn’t fit in with the society today. Soulja Boy saw her tweet and since then they have been arguing in private messages, public, and even having other people personally call them.

“I think Soulja Boy is acting childish about this situation because she’s just a 13 year old girl. She doesn’t know any better. Soulja needs to grow up and focus on his career.”  said Frankie H. 7th grader.

One would think that Soulja Boy would be more concerned with producing music instead of arguing with a 13 year old girl. Many people feel that Danielle should not be start things with people who are older and should keep some things to herself.

“I think what’s happening is stupid between the two figures because they need to learn to have self control,” explained another 7th grader. Nathaniel O.

“I made more money this week than you have made your whole career.” Danielle tweeted this to Soulja Boy and he has not responded to anymore of Danielle’s tweets or messages for the past few days.  Danielle has gone on Instagram Live a few times to talk about the scenario and explain everything that has been happening. Maybe things will clear up between the two of them or perhaps things will get worse.  Only time will tell.  How about that.

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Catch Soulja Boy Outside How Bout Dat?