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HMS Kicks off Track Season

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The track and field season for Heritage is about to kick off and the first week of conditioning has occurred. On March 9th, 2017 Heritage will face Judson, Woodlake, Kirby, Kitty Hawk, Metzger and Legacy at the district track meet held at the D. W. Rutledge Stadium on the campus of Judson High School.

There are many athletes ready to compete in different events at the track meets, including the shot put, discus, hurdle races, and relay races. Coaches this year are,  Coach Moy, Coach Dennis, Coach Allen, Coach White, Coach Mcree and Coach Carpio. Our coaches are conditioning our Heritage athletes well with after-school practices and encouragement. The track team members will need to get conditioned very well because they will be competing against many other schools.

An athlete’s spot on the track team is not always guaranteed. Sometimes, an athlete won’t make it to compete in a specific event. There are multiple events in track and field, and if an athlete signs up to compete in a particular event, that doesn’t guarantee the athlete will compete in that event. In fact, each Heritage student, each week, has to compete against other Heritage students to earn a spot. Madisyn A., a 7th grade track athlete, says, “I am nervous about securing my spot on the team.”

Our track program has many athletes, most of which are boys. This season’s track team may even have more competitors on it than there were boys on the football team. At Heritage, there might be more interest and appreciation for track over football. A lot of athletes are in track because they want to become better conditioned and better at running. “I will get better, and I will be a stronger athlete,” stated Tyler L., a 7th grade track enthusiast. Many athletes enjoy track as well because it gives them time to compete with their friends against other athletes.  

This season holds the promise of success if all athletes keep trying very hard and are very positive about the sport. Heritage wishes all track members good luck at their track meets this season! No matter what event, try your hardest! Go ‘Canes!


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