The Great or Not so great wall of Trump


Emerald O. and Angela R.

              American  President Donald Trump believes that we should solve our illegal  immigration problems by building a wall. Since he has made this announcement there has been much controversy surrounding the idea.

   Many believe the wall is a terrible idea. They have many questions about the expenses for this wall and how it would physically keep illegal immigrants out of the United States.  Some people believe that making stricter laws would be much easier than building an expensive wall along the U.S. border.

Many teachers here at HMS have different opinions on the topic.  Mr. Brett Robinson stated ‘I’m completely against a wall as it totally goes against everything America stands for. America is a place where people come to make a better life for themselves and how can they do that if they are no longer allowed here?’’

   Many conservatives agree on building a wall as a viable solution. Many conservatives are in support of the wall as it would aid in keeping undocumented individuals from illegally entering the country.

“ I am for building a wall to secure our border as undocumented individuals cross the border to come here and get our American benefits. I believe America should enforce our laws to secure our borders.” stated Mrs. Keller, ECISD Substitute Teacher.

Regardless of your personal opinion on the matter, the Trump Wall will surely spark debates across America in the near future.