Kindness Goes A Long Way

Jennifer T., Xavier R., and Vanessa S.

         Many students have complained about the menu choices and how they aren’t any good. Students were given a whole week to choose new foods for a different lunch menu,but what happened?

Students all over the school have been saying that they want “better” food but they weren’t rewarded for their gruesome complaints. Meals have been said to have cold centers and/or hairs even though I have never witnessed any of this. Students here are expected to either eat school lunch or bring their own if it is to “gross” for them. Lunch is one of the daily things that children tend to complain about, just like their academic classes.

Daniel D. said “The lunch ladies should be treated with respect because they do so much for us.”

Students in Heritage Middle School should be grateful and not rude to the hard working staff.They are sometimes underappreciated and the students complaining doesn’t help them.  HMS students should be courteous and respectful toward all faculty and staff as they are all here to help the students.  

“They are treated unfairly by students and deserve more respect for their hard work.” stated David M. 7th grader.

Next time you are in the cafeteria take the time to say “Please and Thank you” when receiving your breakfast and lunch.  A little kindness goes a long way.