Converse…The shoe for Everyone

Converse...The shoe for Everyone

Trevi S. and Andrea G.

Converse are very comfortable and nice shoes and They are so cool and stylish . There are so many different styles to choose from. They aren’t just like regular shoes they are special as they rock with any outfit you wear them with. They go with anything because they match perfectly together. They have nice colors and they are not all the same as they have high tops, low tops, and regular.

       There are different Converse at different store locations which feature many different styles that can fit anyone’s lifestyle. They are beautiful shoes if I didn’t have them I wouldn’t know what shoes to wear.  Converse have been around for a long time. Converse feature the trademark “All Star” on each pair of shoes and also come with different types of shoe laces.

              Many famous people wear Converse as they are popular and sold all over the world. I even know a few teachers that wear Converse a lot such as Mr. Lacy and Mr. Powell.They aren’t just for style they are also for running. These are all good reasons converse are the best shoes ever.I love converse.