Mr. Swag is in the Building

7th grader Dariel H. profiled as a sharp dresser.


Dariel H. shows off this signature belt buckle and creased jeans. Dariel is known for being a sharp dresser on the HMS campus.

Jayson C. and Jakob B.

Making my way through the Heritage hallways. I was walking with my cohort,  Jakob Bickel. He was uneasy to the fact that we were about to witness the most swagtastic man on the planet. 7th Grader Dariel H AKA “Mr.Swag”, a term coined by Mr.Williams. We were about to find out why he’s been called such a bold name.

“Why do they call you ”Mr.Swag?” My cohort asked “My jeans have these nice creases” Says Dariel. After noticing such creases I realized, oh my gosh, this really is “Mr.Swag.” You have to see the creases, the tucked in shirt, the boots, the slicked back hair, to believe such a thing.

“What makes your style so great from the others?” Jakob asks. “It mostly comes from my family and what they wear.” Says Dariel.

Dariel had gained the title of “Mr. Swag” in the sixth grade during Mr. Williams’ tier class. Mr. Williams along with sixth grade math teacher, Ms. Thompson, had always acknowledged Dariel’s quote on quote, “Swagtastic Style.”

“How has this year differed from last?” asked my cohort in one final question. “Last year I used to mainly wear just shorts and T-Shirts.” Dariel explained.

That was all we needed. We had finally got our answer to this mind boggling enigma. Dariel H. was indeed the one and only “Mr. Swag”   We stood in awe as our brains were processing the swagger that had just occurred in front of our very eyes.