Inside look at Yearbook Class


Journalism 2 students participate in the production of a video shoot. Second year journalism get the opportunity to experience shooting videos as well as producing the school’s yearbook.

Liberty Anne M., Staff Reporter

When we buy a yearbook many of us don’t think about all of the work that goes on behind the scenes of the production. Did you know that the whole yearbook is planned in the summer and over the course of a few months? The yearbook isn’t just a book that people buy just to have. The yearbook is a book that serves as a visual snapshot of many of the cool and exciting things that happened throughout the year.

The group of 22 students that make up the yearbook staff work really hard to ensure they take quality pictures and make sure the book looks authentic and professional.

Second year Journalism Teacher Mr. Williams hand picks the yearbook staff from year to year.  Students who perform well in 7th grade Newspaper class are selected to go into Yearbook their 8th grade year.   

Students in yearbook have fun attending school events and participating in this elective for their last year here at Heritage Middle School. Yearbook class isn’t just a take a picture and write down words onto the page sort of course.  This class provides students with the opportunity to be creative and shed a piece of light and memories onto each page. These students don’t just make a page, they make a masterpiece.

“I love taking pictures and going to the games. I thought it would be fun to put in pictures that could show memories”. stated Arianna Alon-Alon current yearbook Photography Manager.

Students have fun going into games and events and getting pictures they can use for their yearbook spreads. It takes a lot of know-how and skill to work a camera and get the right setting to get the perfect picture.  Mr. Williams is known for being a stickler for exceptional photography.  Yearbook students know that the level of photography has to be high in order for their pictures to make it in the yearbook.  Students are taught key photography concepts such as Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, Depth of Field, and White Balance. These are just a few things a yearbook photographer needs to know to take a high quality photograph.

“I enjoy working with the students and watching them master the concepts they were taught.  There is no better feeling than seeing students master techniques they learned in my class”. stated Mr.Williams Yearbook Advisor.

Mr. Williams loves interacting with his students and seeing them produce high quality journalism projects.  Mr. Williams wastes no time getting his 7th grade students ready to take on the role of yearbook staff as they will replace the leaving 8th graders.  These students use the tools that they were given the year before in Newspaper/Yearbook 1 to help them be successful. Newspaper 1 enjoy finding stories by interviewing primary sources or “ Straight From The Horse’s Mouth” as Mr. Williams likes to call it.  

“I enjoy taking pictures. I took yearbook last year and enjoyed Mr, Williams teaching”. stated Alex L. Editor & Chief. The students really enjoy Mr.Williams funny jokes and cool way of teaching students what they need to know. Heritage Middle School Yearbook will never be the same because every year there is something unique like new ideas,new students, and of course new things happening at HMS. This year’s yearbook team came up with the theme of “Take 20” to celebrate the 20th anniversary year of Heritage.  This 2016-2017 year at Heritage will surely be one to remember.