NJHS holds Induction Ceremony


Students are inducted into NJHS

Liberty Anne M., Staff Reporter

The NJHS known as the National Junior Honor Society run by Ms.Lewis had an induction ceremony on March 30, 2017. This society requires students to obtain a stellar academic performance.   Many students were shocked when they found out about their nomination in NJHS.

Students had the opportunity to go through an induction ceremony, which included  lighting of candles as each student sworn in one by one. The ceremony was celebrated with cake and juice and a chance to take pictures with the award in their hand.

“I was excited and proud of myself that I made a big accomplishment. I like that I will be able to participate and go to clubs outside of school and help the community.” stated Collin P. (7th)  and recently inducted member of NJHS.

NJHS picks people who will provide them with the mindset to help and participate on helping the community better itself in the matter. The member must do 30 hrs or more of community service each academic year.

‘It felt like a good accomplishment to be able to join NJHS. ” Stated Katy.R. (7th)

NJHS student selection was based upon making a 90 or higher average in the 1st report card of the 9 weeks. Teachers of these students were very proud watching their students grow and learn from the start of the year.

These students will remember this moment as a mark that will guide them to greatness in the long run.  Be on the lookout for great community service projects in the future.