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Reese Gonzalez wins Superintendent Student of the Month Award

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Reese Gonzalez (right) SSOM for March seen here with Briley Dury (left) who won SSOM for February, 2017


 Reese Gonzalez: a volleyball player, NJHS and FFA member, and a student here at HMS wins the prestigious Superintendent Student of the Month award.  This young lady is acknowledged to be a fair and talented team player on and off the team. This past week, she was granted “Student of the Month” award given to only a handful of students in the entire campus. Recommended by her teachers along with the administrators, Reese has proven to be a role model for all the students at Heritage. Not only safe, respectful, and responsible, Reese also participates in sports, volunteers for NJHS, and is an all-around star student to staff and her peers. Reese was recommended by multiple teachers including Coach Muenster, Mrs. Garcie, Ms. Sutherland, and possibly more.

Reese Gonzalez

 Gathering around Reese, Ms. Mary Alice McCulloch presented her with a certificate and a bunch of colourful balloons. Her mother was also there for Reese, giving the young pupil a nice surprise. Reese herself was overfilled with happiness.

 “I think that they’re really proud,” says Reese, thinking about how her parents feel about her accomplishment.

 This isn’t the only occasion whereas Reese has won this award. In previous years, specifically during Reese’s Oak Crest’s years, she was nominated as a fifth grade pupil. 

“It’s really an honor and it’s just really cool,” comments Ms. Gonzalez about winning the SSOM award.

 As the day passed, Reese was asked and congratulated about being Student of the  Month. Feeling accomplished, she carried on her day continuing to be a safe, respectful, and responsible just as she did to earn the award and title.  Great job Ms. Reese.

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