AVID Program Welcomes New Members for 2017-2018 School Year


Veronica L., Staff Reporter

CONGRATS, you will be apart of the 2017-18 AVID class ! Just imagine hearing those words. To some students it’s just words, but to others those are words that were sent down from Heaven. The AVID Induction Ceremony was held on April 4th, 2017. Students who got accepted received a contract for next year. The contract will be filled out and turned in to Ms.Duffin, the Heritage AVID teacher.

Over 147 students were accepted for next year’s AVID program. Future AVID students were selected based upon their grades, attendance, and their overall character.

“I was so thrilled. I seriously can’t wait to be in the AVID class and with the AVID family next year.” stated Tatum P. 7th grader

Some students were interviewed to be in the AVID program. They were interviewed by our AVID teacher, Ms.Duffin. The following questions were asked during the interview. Why do you want to be in the AVID program ? Did you choose to be in this program yourself ? What are some goals that you have set for yourself ?

“ I hope they come in feel loved and accepted, and that they will feel safe and successful in the avid program.” stated  Ms.Duffin.

The AVID program will help students be more organized and help students with their future jobs and careers. This may be helpful for high school and life in the long run. Students will receive numerous opportunities to better themselves, other students, their campus, and their communities. Congratulations future AVID students !