Porzingis comes in Clutch in Knicks Win


Regis D., Staff Reporter

Knicks star player Kristaps Porzingis leads team to a victory against Hornets right after dropping 40 points against previous playoffs contender Indiana Pacers.

Porzingis, a dynamic scorer is in second place in the league for most points per game with 30.0 points per game. On November 7th the Knicks beat the Charlotte Hornets. The Hornets started out the game with an early lead with the Knicks cutting it close at halftime. The bench paved the game close having made the score 109-100 Charlotte’s favor.

Within the last five minutes of the game Kristaps and Tim Hardaway Jr. brought the Knicks back with a 14-2 run. Kristaps hit a clutch 3-pointer to make the score 111-114. Kristaps also made a driving layup with 11 seconds left on the clock giving the Knicks a five point lead putting the Hornets out of range to come back. Rookie Malik Monk missed a 3- pointer to end the game leading to a loss for the Hornets. Kristaps clutch and elite scoring ability is top notch in the NBA after only being in the league for two seasons. If he keeps up this kind of basketball he can and will be an league MVP contender. There is also a possibility of him leading his team to the playoffs for the first time in four years.