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Becoming a Great Tennis Player

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To be a tennis star there’s certain things one has to know to perfect their craft.  Like any sport tennis requires lots of practice and dedication.  A few tips to perfecting your craft include the following. 

The Court

If you know the court thats a major advantage. When you serve you have to hit a square under the net. If you can hit that square and make it fast, that’s good. Also you have to know when to let it go. If you hit the and it doesn’t land in the court its there point. So you have to know when to hit it and not to.

Find the cavity

On every team or player there is a cavity. It’s the players weakness. I play doubles so I find the player that isn’t as good and hit to them for guaranteed points. If you play singles you have to find the one players weakness. Say they stink at backhands, you want to constantly give them backhands. The catch is to find there physical weaknesses it requires playing time with the opponent to find out. Don’t worry there are some cavities you can find right of the back. Like weight, if your opponent looks overweight and can’t run very fast you want to hit to him but far from him.

The Perfect Hit

If your opponent has no weakness (which is very unlikely but) you want to be able to hit the perfect hit. With your racket you want a center mass hit for accuracy. You also want to hit the ground around their feet, these are the hardest to return. You also want to remember the faster you hit it the harder it is to return. You don’t want to hit it to them you want to make them run so they get tired before you.


Stamina in the season isn’t as important as i the STAC tournament that’s nothing but stamina. After playing one game your tired but try to play four. By the semifinals your brand.

It’s not over till it’s over

The last one is it’s not over till it’s over. Even if your winning 7-0 you can let up. You always have to play like your about to lose. When you start letting up you start losing points and that turns to sets and you want to win 8-0

These are simple steps on how to become a tennis legend. Follow these and expect to medal gold in STAC

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