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Heritage Bands Compete at UIL Event

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You probably hear these kids playing from the gym hallways, or hear them practicing in the cafeteria but this is the Hurricane Band. This year Heritage had the honor of participating in the 2018 Band UIL earlier this year. This competition wasn’t like the other . We took all 4(Symphonic 2,Symphonic 1, Honor Band, and Wind Ensemble) of our bands to UIL which was a first for the Heritage Hurricane Band. Our band directors were excited especially our newest director Mr. Atcheson’s.  This was Atcheson’s first time participating in UIL. Many of the students that are 8th enjoyed this trip and the experience of all their hard work paid off.

Heritage honor band competed in UIL earlier this year at South West High School . They received a sweepstakes which is one on the highest awards you can get during a UIL. It shows that you proved that you can perform but you can also sight read. The student Heritage Honor band had worked hard to receive this reward with the directing of Mr.Lacy. They came in with confidence and it showed in their performance on stage. Heritage is proud of the work that all of the bands put in to making this UIL one of the best ones that they had dont. Heritage Honor Band shows the work and commitment that not only Honor Ban shows but all of the Heritage are a great example of what many can accomplish with a drive to win.

Heritage Wind Ensemble rode in style taking a charter bus to the competition for their hard work that they put in the music that they were going to perform. There performance was one of the best times that they had ever played. received Straights ones on their performance fell short in the sight readings receiving a 2. They still felt proud because of the work that they did on their performance paid off. They awed the crowd with this and played music to leave the judges wanting more and have them remember the music that they had played.

This won’t be our last sweepstakes because with the 7th graders this year a sweepstakes is right around the corner for Heritage Hurricane Band.


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