Summer Reading Projects


Shelby Salinas, Staff Reporter

Have you ever been in class on the last day of school ready for the bell to ring when all of the sudden your teacher hands you a book and tells you to do a project on it. Summer reading projects are the worst and i’m here to say why you shouldn’t have them.

Summertime was meant to be a vacation and a break from school. Students shouldn’t be worrying about their assignments. Kids want to relax during their break but summer projects are the exact thing that doesn’t allow people to do so. Some students do not like the aspect of having to work during the summer. “Students shouldn’t have to deal with the stress of school work over their break”. Said by Gabrielle Johnson.

On the other hand some students favor having the opportunity to get a jumpstart on their studies during summer break. “I believe summer projects benefit the students by exercising what they learned so they don’t forget everything over break”. Stated “ Bridget Scott (7th)

During the summertime kids tend to slack off on their work because they want to have fun over their break.  

Overall summer projects have a positive and a negative effect on students. It all comes down to the student’s personality and what they are looking forward to doing over the summer..