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Apple vs. Samsung

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Every year the phone industry is advancing. New gizmos are established for the phones. The top two phone industries are Apple and Samsung. Both have a really popular fan base, despite its difficulties and differences.

Apple is a really good phone company. Apple technology appeals to millenials. Apple phones are high-tech and good quality. Apple phone tech is really famous for its really good camera quality and Facetime. They also have their own software and app functions, but still manage to have less lags and glitches. Samsung technology is also good quality. Samsung tech mainly appeals to older more mature people. Samsung runs off of the Google software and app functions, which is good because it allows for a more wide variety of apps and other features. Samsung camera quality is not as good as iphone camera, but Samsung doesn’t just make phones and other phone tech they also make household appliances.

Apple and Samsung are two different kind of companies, and both have the constant battle over the phone technology popularity. Samsung may not have the best phone technology, but they do sell really well on their household appliances, which are modern and trendy. Apple phones and other technologies have better quality, runs on  its own software, and is more trendy, but they only make phone and phone technology not household appliances like Samsung. Apples phones cost a lot more that Samsungs, which is a big factor on their popularity, it just depends on the person and what they can afford.


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