Old cartoons vs New Cartoons


Tara Garcia, Staff Reporter

Remember the good old classic cartoons, for example, Hey Arnold, Life As A Teenage Robot, Betty Boop, the classic SpongeBob episodes, PowerPuff Girls, Chowder, House Of Imaginary Friends, and the list goes on? Older shows have such pleasing and fluent animations, and the humor is really good, (it had hidden jokes in them).

If you notice now, many cartoons are obviously rigged, and many of the dialogues are filled with kindergarten humor, for example, jokes about butts, boogers, farts, burps and just gross stuff in general, that isn’t even funny anymore. Dialog in cartoons has changed so much since the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Recently people have been remaking old cartoons, they look so horrid and different when they do this, nothing can replace the original, nothing.

With many newer shows, the humor is crude, so kids growing up thinking crude humor is funny. Not only were most old cartoons more fluently animated, but they had more meaningful messages and focused on real life issues.

Honestly older cartoons have more aesthetically pleasing styles, and very lovable characters.

I remember sitting down bored on a Saturday, turned on the TV and this show called “Bread Winners’’ was on, this show was just straight up horrible, crude humor, very inappropriate, it constantly made bad jokes and lacked creative writing. Cartoons today just don’t stack up to the quality of older shows.