Do Grades Determine Your Intelligence?

Do Grades Determine Your Intelligence?

Russell Roach, Staff Reporter

Many people would say that one of the most important things in their lives is school and good grades. Many of them base their self worth on straight A’s, but do grades really determine how smart a person is?

There are many different people across America and the world who would say your grades determine how smart you are, but there are others who would say otherwise. Some believe they are either smart or dumb based on what grade their teachers give them. However, this may not be the case. “ I do not think grades determine your intelligence because even if you know everything on an assignment, you could still get it wrong,” said Shelby Salinas, a 7th grade student at Heritage Middle School.

Many people share the same belief as Shelby in the belief that grades do not get a say in how smart or not smart you are.”I also do not think grades measure how smart you are because you might be great at some subjects and terrible in others, which isn’t fair” said Gabrielle Johnson (7th)

Grades do have the ability to show a student’s mastering of a concept but they do not measure imagination, problem solving, or work ethic to name a few things. However, grades can give you a general understanding on how well a kid does in certain subjects and may prove to actually show how intelligent you are. All in all, personally I believe that grades do not and should not fully determine, your intelligence.