Hypebeast or Trendsetter?


Xanthia Acosta, Staff Reporter

Is it better being a trendsetter or a hypebeast? Being a trendsetter is starting new trends, making a new style, and having followers continue on that trend. Being a hypebeast is keeping up with new trends, especially on expensive clothes and shoes.

The ‘‘hype’’ part refers to wearing the most exclusive clothes and shoes that everyone’s talking about. Being a hypebeast is often a difficult task to keep up with. Supreme, Palace, BAPE, Yeezy, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton are just some of the expensive brands to keep up with.

Spending hundreds on a t-shirt with a small logo on it  might sound like a vain waste of money, but it means everything to a hypebeast. High fashion is often overpriced and impractical, but being a hypebeast is like a career. Many people buy clothes, wear it, get clout, and sell it. Promoting expensive clothes gets you attention and money.

Ari Petrou has made career out if it. He calls himself the UKs biggest hypebeast, he has more than 200,000 followers on instagram. Ari said “Basically I take pictures, promote clothes, and buy and sell clothes for a living. I have multiple sponsors from companies in Hong Kong now and massive companies in the states who pay me thousands to post pictures in their clothes and say ‘this is what I’m wearing today.’

“Hypebeast” is basically meant to indicate and obsession. So what sounds better to you trendsetting or being a hypebeast?