Natalee Zincke Wins May SSOM Award


Natalee Zincke 8th grader, was awarded Student of the month for the month of May on May 1st.  Superintendent Student of the month is when someone is awarded for their hard work, success and academics. These students are voted for by anonymous teachers. Being given this award is a huge honor for a student.

“I was very surprised because I thought they had ended it.  I didn’t think I was going to get it though, I was really red,” Natalee Zincke said.  

Natalee found out after being handed a bouquet of flowers and balloons.  Her name was also showcased on the board near the entrance of the school. It was a surprise because the choices are always anonymous, and are chosen by the teachers.  

“I was really happy and nervous, but I was excited because my family was there,” Natalee stated. The SSOM award is one of the most prestigious individual awards a student a Heritage can win.  Congratulations Natalee.