Students Across the Country Participate in Walkouts to Protest Gun Laws


Austin Lange (7th), Staff Reporter

Students all over the U.S. are protesting to fix the safety and gun issue in public schools. Students from over 2500 schools participated in a national school walk out on April 20 2018, that same day was also the 19th anniversary of Columbine High School massacre where dozens of students lost their lives in a deadly mass shooting at the campus. In addition to the walkout, there was also a memorial for 331 gun violence victims in Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin student said “We also wanted to remind people that people are dying everyday due to this and we didn’t want people to become numb to the ide of losing a life.”

The walkout was planned because of the recent shootings in Parkland, Florida that killed 17 people and injured many more. The walkout was attempting to get assault rifles such as the AR-15 and its accessories banned and illegal to own. The protest has once again opened up the discussion of gun control in America.

This walkout has gained the attention of major politicians nationwide. Let’s hope something changes for the better, and people can gain a respect for the human life.

HMS Assistant Principal Mr.Breeden spoke his position on the current issue.  “The precautions that the government is taking is a good way to protect schools.  The aspect of Teachers carrying guns may also need to be looked at in the future. Teachers who are properly trained and pass certain background check procedures should be able to have a handgun on their person to protect the students in case of emergencies. If students and  enough people around the U.S. participate in such protests their impact will be felt by policy makers.”

“The protests are doing the right thing because they are standing up for the gun violence victims and helping to stop the violence. The precautions that the government is taking to prevent school shootings could be more secure and safer. Certain teachers with the right qualifications should be able to carry a gun to protect themselves and the student from a shooter.” stated Michael Pinones (7th grader)

Others share a different opinion on the topic as they feel that the recent protest are a threat to the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms in America. Regardless of one’s position, the protest have sparked a much needed discussion in American schools on gun rights, politics, and student safety.