School Shootings & their Impact on Students

School Shootings & their Impact on Students

Gianna Elisea, Staff Reporter

  School shootings are something that impacts people mentally and physically. People ask me what would I do during a school shooting and I would like to say some cool, heroic statement like “I’m going to run up to the shooter and tackle him.”  Unfortunately, no matter how brave a person thinks they are, one never knows how they are going to react when put into a hostile situation. The unfortunate reality is far too often students across the country are feeling the pressure of such situations happening on their school campus.

School shootings have the tendency to make students feel unsafe.  When there there’s a new shooting students will often get scared and start asking questions regarding the safety of their own school.  Students are now asking teachers what the procedures would be in the event of an active shooter on campus. Teachers and administrators practice lock-down procedures to ensure the faculty and students are familiar with the procedures of such event.  It’s a necessary precaution to take regardless of the age level of a school’s students. School shootings have impacted youth in elementary schools as displayed by the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. High schools have also been target with the recent events in Parkland, Florida and most notably the 1998 shooting of Columbine High School in Colorado.  

A major topic for discussion has been the accessibility of guns to people with mental health issues. In several cases the perpetrator  who shoot up the school has some form of mental health issue and seeks to get revenge on teachers, classmates, administrators or other school community members and bullying.

I believe most of the shootings occur  because of bullying. The teens go back for revenge because they got bullied. Many of the recent shootings have been caused by teens. I believe most of the shootings occur from teens because something bad happen to them during their time at school or even in their home-life.

‘’School shootings are a major problem in our society and it’s not cool that students should have to fear such things when trying to learn.” stated Henry Kilgore (7th)

Other students feel that school shooting create a sense of fear among students even if the shooting does not directly impact their school’s campus.

“ Sometimes I think about school shootings and I feel scared. I’ve personally experienced gun violence before and the last thing students should have to worry about is a shooting when at school.” stated Angela Hernandez (7th)

East Central Police Department does a magnificent job in ensuring the safety of all students and staff members of the district.  Just two weeks ago an East Central officer came to Heritage and gave a presentation to the students on all the things that the ECPD does to keep the community safe.  School shootings are an issue in our society but the issue can be resolved through communication, love, and understanding.